Hello, I am an experienced Geriatric Care Nurse Specialist. I advocate, consult, and navigate older persons through our encumbered system.

I feel strongly that "old age" needs a make-over. We will decline. We will face losses. It is a struggle for most to remain positive during these changes. The emotional awareness at hand may well be depression, something I address with the majority of clients and caregivers.

I encourage you to write about purpose and identity. If a 40 year old goes to an event, s/he may be asked: "Tell me about yourself". Most will start with their identity in their occupation and roll over into discussion of family. When a 65 year old goes to an event, they are asked, "Did you retire yet?" to which the person responds as, "I am a retired (teacher - for example)". At 80 years old... the person is not asked about identity or purpose... if s/he was asked, what would be said? In my view, we all need identity and we all need to feel important, useful, or purposeful.

I appreciate your work.



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